Customizations Explained

The goal of The Agenda Shop is to offer the widest range of inserts and custom options possible to our customers. More than anything we want our customers to receive a set of inserts perfectly tailored to thier individual needs. For this reason we offer MANY standard customization options and alternate versions of inserts. We also understand that our standard options won't always work for everyone so we also offer completely customized inserts.
Some listings offer extra custom options in the product description, if you choose to take advantage of one of these options please read the directions carefully, add the correct customization charge to your cart from the "CUSTOMIZE" listing and detail your customization in the notes section when you checkout. 
Personally customized orders are welcome but require a detailed ordering process. There is a "CUSTOMIZE" listing in the shop, please DO NOT assume or guess at a customization fee for your requested customizations, this listing is only for listed custom options and customers who've been in direct contact with the shop before ordering. You are required to contact the shop BEFORE ordering personally customized inserts so that we can work together on the item details, cost, and most importantly, be sure that your request can be fufilled. Orders placed with undiscussed personal customizations and assumed customization fees will be accommodated to the best of our abilities and ONLY to the extent that the assumed customize size allows, therefore the items you receive may NOT be exactly what you had in mind if requests are not communicated BEFORE ordering.
 Feel free to contact us if you're interested in custom inserts, we look forward to hearing from you!