Digital Downloads

Digital downloads of all your favorite Agenda Shop inserts are now available to order and print as many times as you'd like at home! Please be sure to read ALL the Printing Requirements and Policies below and download and try the test file before ordering. Digital downloads are NOT REFUNDABLE under ANY curcumstances.



  • Digital downloads are for personal use only. The files are not to be resold or shared with family and friends. Though this is not the right thing to do, the temptation is real, please underIIstand that this is a small business, every sale counts and every sale lost hurts. please help support the shop by sharing the shop link instead of the file! Thank You!
  • Edit layouts at your own risk. Aside from sharing or reselling, once you have purchased a file it is yours and you are free to do with it as you wish, this includes editing layouts. Edit layouts at your own risk though, it is advised to save a master copy if you choose to try to edit your files, just in case what you had in mind doesn't work and you're unable to restore the file to its original form.
  • Digital Downloads are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will not be issued for ANY reason. It is your responsibility to read through the print requirements below and download and try a test file before you purchase. You can download OpenOffice and the Test File for FREE to make sure everything will print properly on your system before ordering. 



  • Apache OpenOffice is the advised program to print and edit our files from. You can print our files from DropBox and some other programs but a lot of the time there is no way to edit them In these programs. In order to insure you're able to easily and efficiently print and edit all of our files we recommend that you have or download Apache OpenOffice. It is easy to download and FREE online. OpenOffice is simple to use as well, especially if you are already familiar with Microsoft word and Excel. Plus we have detailed, in depth, printing instructions that go along with OpenOffice on our Printing Instructions page. (Please note, our files will not always retain their original layout when opened in Microsoft Office as it does not support tables as small as our layouts use.) The files can be opened in some other programs, but I can not guarantee that they will, or that if they do, the layout, font style, or design will be unchanged and that you will be able to edit them. I also can not guarantee that OpenOffice is compatible with your operating system, please download it and the free test file to make sure before purchasing digital downloads. download OpenOffice
  • All files and printing instructions are designed to be printed on paper that has already been cut to insert page size. A6 downloads are designed to print on A6 size paper, personal downloads on personal size paper and so on. Please make sure that your printer is capable of printing on this size paper. It is possible to adjust the page layout and/or printer settings in order to print them on full size paper and as booklets but these instructions are not provided here. Find detailed printing instructions here.
  • Try printing our FREE test file before ordering! Add the test file to your cart and check out as you normally would, but for free. With these file you will be able to make sure you have all the capabilities needed to print our files before you order! find the links below.