Paper Types & Weight Conversion

 We offer so many paper options in the shop that it can be confusing and a little overwhelming trying to figure out which one is right for you. Hopefully this information can help guide you in the right direction!
Paper weight conversion chart
   For comparison and reference, average computer paper in the US is 20lb - 24lb, in the UK that same paper is 75 - 80gsm, while paper that is considered high quality is 90gsm or higher. Another comparison you may be familiar with is Filofax's paper, their white paper is 70gsm and their cotton cream is 75 - 80gsm. 
   Our 32lb (120gsm) paper offered in the shop is extremely high quality. It is extremely smooth and strong. It's practically bleed proof and also highly feather resistant, making it a favorite among fountain pen users. One touch and you'll realize why people rave about our paper!
  Our exquisite Tomoe River paper (listed as TRP throughout the shop) has a super smooth surface that was formulated especially for fountain pens and is considered "the gold standard" among fountain pen users. It is also designed to reduce bulk, coming in at only 52gsm it's one of the lightest weight papers available on the market today, yet it's strength is astounding! This paper performs better in pen and ink tests than papers twice its weight! It works best with fountain pens and other water based inks, it's feather proof and HIGHLY bleed resistant. Due to its thinness you will have shadowing with darker inks, most users don't mind this but this quality can be circumvented by placing a dark colored paper or pencil board behind the current page you're writing on. If you're looking to slim down your binder or just want an amazing fountain pen experience this is the paper for you!
   If you're looking for something inbetween you should check out our Kokuyo Paper! At 62gsm it is noticeably thicker than Tomoe River paper yet still thin enough that it will also reduce bulk! Its amazing with fountain pens and is also highly feather and bleed resistant. Due to it being a bit thicker than Tomoe River you won't have as much shadowing, its a smooth paper as well, but not AS smooth as the Tomoe River. If you're looking to reduce bulk, have a sturdy fountain pen paper or want less shadowing this is the paper to order!
   I hope this has helped to explain the different weights, measurements and characteristics of our paper, if you'd like more information, to order a paper sampler and/or a side by side comparison take a look at our paper sampler listing in the shop!