Foxy bracelet

The large silver focal bar of this bracelet reads " we are all one, pure energy and stardust" this is the theme of this piece, and ties the images on the links together, on the front side are three animals, one from the water, a fish with floaty fins, one from the air, a soaring bird, and one of the land, a sly yet cute fox. Night over the ocean and daylight over the mountains is also pictured in the links. This bracelet serves as a reminder that on this planet we are all interconnected and came from the same beginnings. Pink faceted amethyst nuggets and a blue topaz stone, capped by silver flowers wrap around the back and end in a tail of peridot drops and a Luna's signature tag dangling from a clear blue apatite stone.

Fits a 6.5 - 7.25 inch wrist

- All our jewelry is made with only the highest quality natural gemstones and .925 or higher silver.

- All Items can be resized free of charge, please leave you size request in the notes section at checkout.

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